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Clinton’s Reliable Roof Installation Services

Roofs are a fundamental part of a building, and it is essential to take good care of them to ensure that your property’s structure is intact and protected. With an extensive experience of over 17 years in the business, we have been successfully providing roofing services such as installations, removals, repairs, restorations and roof renovations to our residential and commercial clients. We serve customers in Clinton, across Huron County and Southern-West Ontario. At Armour Roofing, we offer high-quality metal, fibreglass and flat membrane shingles to ensure protection and durability.

Our services are not limited to roofing installation. Armour Roofing also provides thorough inspections to determine the interior and exterior damages before starting the work and offers repairs and replacements for shingles, evestroughing and fascia as required. Call us for a quote, and let us take care of your roofing needs.


Under the umbrella of ADS Industries, Armour Roofing offers complete roofing solutions with a variety of metal roof and wall panels:

    EASY Shake roof panels: These metal shingles provide a sense of elegance, protection and strength with a much lesser weight and installation time compared to the commonly used roofing slates.

    G-Rib wall and roof panels: The G-Rib sidings are made of 29 gauge high tensile steel coils that are resistant to dents and have minimum expansion/contraction properties. They protect the roofs in all weather conditions. These panels are easy to install and provide overall long-lasting protection.

    D-Rib wall and roof panels: Each D- Rib panel is initially coated with a patented aluminum-zinc alloy of Galvalume for protection. A coat of ceramic pigmented silicone polyester is applied to give the metal shingle the strength, hardness and durability to cope against extreme weather conditions.


We offer the following roofing solutions:






Residential roofing

Commercial roofing

Exterior view of a house
worker doing the roof repair work


Our roofing experts specialize in:

Gutter/Evestroughing repairs

Shingle repairs

Shingle replacement

Fascia repairs

Fascia replacement


We use top-quality materials for our roofing projects, including:


Flat Membrane Roofing

Asphalt shingle

Close up view of metal tiles


EASY Shake gives you all the robust beauty and strength of slate roofing with a fraction of the weight and install time, giving your home better curb appeal with a traditional look. Perfect for your home or cottage.

Durability – Constructed of 26 gauge steel, EASY Shake step panels are easy to install, sturdy, and weather tight. Resistance to dents, plus minimal expansion/contraction properties make this steel panel an excellent investment providing long-lasting protection and greater durability that will enhance all types of structural designs.

Protection – First, each panel is coated with Galvalume, a patented aluminum-zinc alloy coating for extra protection. Panels are then bonderized and an epoxy primer is applied. For the final coat. A ceramic pigmented silicone polyester, supplies strength, hardness and durability against the effects of sun, wind, rain, heat and cold. It is extremely resistant to mildew. No blistering, peeling or flaking either!

Our custom-cut lengths, to the inch up to 30 feet, reduce or eliminate end laps. You get a tighter, stronger, more attractive building.

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Fibreglass shingles are a form of asphalt shingles and are one of the most popular roofing options in North America. They are durable, budget-friendly, lightweight, and can work well as a DIY project. Fibreglass is a great option for roofing because it is a tough and very resilient material that is non-porous, does not change shape, and won’t dry out. This makes fibreglass shingles less prone to shattering when exposed to extreme winds, cold weather, or when walked on during installation and regular maintenance. Fibreglass shingles also have a higher fire rating than organic-mat varieties and generally carry a longer warranty.

Fibreglass shingles are made of a woven fibreglass base mat, covered with a waterproof asphalt coating, and topped with ceramic granules that shield the shingles from harmful UV rays. Because of the composition of the fibreglass mat, less asphalt is needed to give the shingles their durability and strength, making them a lighter and more environmentally friendly option than traditional organic-mat shingles.

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PVC roofing membranes are designed to be watertight and actually remain leak-free for decades of service. The reason for such durability is the hot-air welded seams used to bond together the membrane’s sheets. These seams create a super-strong, permanent bond that does not allow any leaks to come through even in times when there has been ponding water sitting on the roof for many days. If at any point, problems with seams arise, it is very easy to fix them by simply rewelding the seams.


When it comes to commercial applications, and especially restaurants, EPDM rubber roofs are vulnerable to all kinds of chemicals, solvents and oils. These may cause irreparable damage to an EPDM membrane, which means that it is best not to install it over buildings that are likely to have chemicals, grease and oils on the roof.


By contrast, PVC roofing membranes are specifically designed to be highly resistant to damage from chemicals, solvents and oils. This feature makes PVC roofs ideal for restaurants, and any commercial and industrial facilities that deal with chemicals and solvents.


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Choose from our various metal roofing options to keep your roofs free from damage.

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